• Yoga Mad Lavender Eye Pillow
    £6.99 £4.99

    Lavender Eye Pillow with 100% Cotton Inner

    • Eye Pillows offer a great way to unwind after practice.
    • The pillows can be heated in the microwave
    • Also great to put on aching muscles or stiff necks for instant relaxation.
    • The soft pillows are filled with natural linseed and a hint of lavender, to aid relaxation.
    • 100% cotton removable outer cover with sealed 100% cotton inner
    • 19cm x 11cm
    • Colour Saffron
  • Studio French Organic Lavender & Linseed Eye Pillows
    £9.95 £6.95

    Yoga Organic Lavender & Linseed Eye Pillow

    • Hand Made in Dorset, UK
    • The pillow are filled with organic linseed & lavender.
    • Outer cover can be removed and washed.
    • Cotton fabric
    • Dimensions of the pillow, 23cm x 12/13cm, weight, 200g
  • Yoga Lavender Eye Pillow HotCold Therapy
    £9.99 £6.99

    Yoga Lavender Eye Pillow Hot/Cold Therapy

    • Superfine Fibre Made Cover: Smooth, soft and quickly absorb sweat. Can be used under normal,cold and hot compress.
    • Eye Pillow Filler: Dry Lavender and Cassia Seed. Let you fall asleep with delicate fragrance and relaxed nerves. Cassia seed can also improve eyesight.
    • Eye Skin Awaken: Herb active ingredients can promote eye blood circulation and activate senescent cells with the effect of regaining youth and vigour for eye skin.
    • Easy to Wash and Change: Both of external and internal covers are detachable and washable. You can change the filler as you like which makes it more diverse.
    • Target User: Great for people with insomnia and dreaminess or people who need to improve sleep quality. Helpful for people who use computers for long time.
  • Silk Yoga Eye Pillow for MeditationSilk Yoga Eye Pillow for Meditation
    £15.00 £9.99

    Yoga Eye Pillow for Meditation | Stress Relief

    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Yoga, Migraine, Meditation, Sleep Eye Mask, Stress & Anxiety Relieve.
    • Blue and White Pattern
    • Washing Instructions: Silk is a delicate fabric and should be handled with care: Gently hand wash it using cold water.

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Eye pillow - flaxseed & lavender
    £14.75 £10.75

    Yoga Eye pillow – Flaxseed & Lavender

    • Eyepillows with removable 100% cotton covers
    • yogamalai products support families using fair trade principles.
    • SIZE: 27cmx20cm
    • Filled with Lavender & Flaxseed.
    • Perfect for relaxation or supine positions.

Complete your yoga practice with yoga eye pillows. The best accessory to help block out light and lighten up your eyes and brow during yoga, eye pillows also help you completely relax when meditating.

Choose from silk, cotton, suede, and other super soft fabrics with fun prints or arrange of colors for your eye bags. These eye bags are often filled with flaxseed, lavender, soothing herbs and occasionally even buckwheat.

Some eye pillows have an herbal scent to help in relaxation, while others are packed with unscented flaxseed, beans or rice. These eye pillows are made up of many different materials. The most frequently used ones are the silk eye pillows which just melt on your face due to its softness. Your tense muscles are calm and a relaxing relief is provided to you. These are very simple to use and can be carried everywhere. While traveling too you can make great use of this eye pillow. The cleansing of your eyes just makes the entire attempt worth it. It is a rejuvenating method to your body and soul. Find the best yoga brands that fit your needs so you can feel confident in the eye pillow you prefer.

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