• Cotton D-Ring Stretch Yoga Belt Fitness Gym Strap
    £5.99 £2.99

    D-Ring Stretch Yoga Belt Fitness Gym Strap

    • Material: cotton
    • Approx. Size: 178cm x 4cm/70.1″ x 1.6″ (L&W)
    • It allows and ensures your safe stretching, relaxes the body, enhances body flexibility and keeps you slim, young and beautiful all the time
    • It benefit your abdominal, waist, arms, legs and back (almost all parts of the body) during the yoga training

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Black Yoga Belt Yoga Strap - 185cm
    £4.84 £1.84

    SODIAL(R) Black Yoga Belt / Yoga Strap- 185cm

    • Size: 183cm x 3.8cm
    • Material: Cotton Strap with metal D-ring buckle
    • Approximate Weight of Strap: 90g
    • Particularly for binding in postures such as the boat
    • The thickest belts we sell, allowing a safe grip without hurting your hands

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Stretch out Yoga Strap Yoga Rope Yoga AcessoriesStretch out Yoga Strap Yoga Rope Yoga Acessories
    £22.99 £5.78

    Stretch out Yoga Strap Yoga Rope Acessories

    • Durable metal buckle,Easy to adjust
    • High quality, extra durable fabric
    • High quality metal D-ring
    • 68.9*1.5 inch
    • Not only great for yoga, but can also help with physical therapy
  • Yoga Stretch Strap D-Ring Belt Waist Leg
    £5.39 £2.39

    Yoga Stretch Strap D-Ring Belt Waist Leg

    • Stretching and moving beyond your usual limits with this belt
    • Great for yoga and pilates exercises
    • Material: Cotton
    • Size: about 180*3.8 cm(L*W) / 70.9*1.5 inch
    • Can improve range of motion and flexibility

    FREE UK delivery.

A yoga strap is an accessory that can be stretched during the practice to help out make postures more accessible, apart from flexibility.

Yoga straps are made from a binary layer of natural cotton twill, 2 D rings and are easily washable. It is among the essential yoga accessory for those people, who are on their approach to boost their flexibility. It helps in stretching to those poses you can`t moderately reach without it.

Even though you’re reasonably bendy, a yoga strap can boost the stretch and whole pose. And that’s exactly what a yoga strap is intentional to do make postures more accessible to one and all. It Improves flexibility, helps lengthen & extend, support, stabilize and Increases in balancing posture.

A yoga strap is generally used to do postures that are a little out of reach for the practitioner. This accessory is especially helpful to beginners, who haven’t yet achieved flexibility that is necessary to do a complete pose. These are generally made from hemp or cotton. When buying one, ensure that the strap you pick up is moisture absorbent.

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