• CalmingBreath Yoga Towel - Non-Slip
    £12.95 £9.95

    CalmingBreath Yoga Towel – Non-Slip

    • Eco-friendly yoga towel for non-slip hot yoga, ashtanga, bikram and hatha yoga. Fits all standard yoga mats.
    • Non-slip microfibre keeps you safe on your mat during class.
    • FREE mesh carry bag makes packing your towel for class easy and putting it away again just as fast.
    • Quick-drying and machine washable so you’re always fresh and ready for your next class!
    • Size: 183cm x 61cm; Weighs just 460g
  • Manduka equa hand towel
    £15.50 £11.50

    Manduka Equa Hand Towel Soft, Suede

    • 0.4lb; 16″ x 26.5″
    • Great for face and hands
    • Tightly woven fibres produces a soft, suede-like feel
    • “Split” microfibre technology for optimised moisture absorption, evaporation, and “wet-grip”
    • Fabric becomes slip-resistant when damp
  • Non Slip Yoga Towel Super softNon Slip Yoga Towel Super soft
    £27.00 £12.99

    Non Slip Yoga Towel Super soft and Absorbent

    • aids with comfort when exercising
    • can be used for a wide range of exercises
    • to use at home or in the gym
    • 100% polyester

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Non-Skid Grippy Microfiber Yoga TowelNon-Skid Grippy Microfiber Yoga Towel
    £17.30 £14.30

    Non-Skid Grippy Yoga Towel with Carry Bag

    • Great soft texture, super-absorbent and durable material, no hair slip, peculiar smell.
    • Special non slip punctiform back design, great for fitness exercise!
    • Put the towel on the PVC yoga mat, making the mat clean, brand new and long-lasting
    • Super hygienic and comfortable piece, a must have one for yoga exerciser!
    • It comes with a free lightweight mesh carry bag

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Non-Slip Yoga Towel Mat with BagNon-Slip Yoga Towel Mat with Bag
    £11.68 £6.68

    Non-Slip Yoga Towel Mat with Bag

    • Measures: 180cm x 63cm
    • Non-slip Silicone dots displayed in a flower pattern
    • Quick Drying and Lightweight
    • Machine Washable
    • Carry Bag Included

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Microfiber Yoga Towel Non Slip
    £18.99 £12.99

    Pilates Hot Yoga Mat Towel with Super Absorbant

    • Microfiber material for superior absorbance.
    • Extremely lightweight, yet plush, durable, super-absorbent and quick drying.
    • Improved grip helps you and your mat maintain proper form and positioning. Provides a firm grip for hands and feet.
    • Offers more coverage and greater performance during hot yoga or traditional yoga practice.
    • The yoga towel is compact for easy storage and travel.
  • Premium Yoga Towel - Non Slip
    £34.99 £23.95

    Premium Yoga Towel Non Slip, Ultra Absorbent

    • PERFECT SIZE: 183cm x 61cm

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Skidless Yoga TowelSkidless Yoga Towel
    £17.99 £12.99

    Skidless Yoga Towel,Sino Yoga Super Absorbent

  • The Hot Yoga Towel. Non-Slip Lightweight
    £44.20 £36.00

    The Hot Yoga Towel. Non-Slip Lightweight

    • LIGHTWEIGHT, NON-SLIP, and INSANELY ABSORBENT: Reduce injuries and improve your balance instantly
    • ECO-FRIENDLY: Water based non-fade prints designed to make you smile.
    • EXTRA-LONG: 183cm x 61cm. Covers your entire mat.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Great for yoga travel and active sporty lifestyles.

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Yoga Towel IMISI Super Absorbent
    £40.99 £12.99

    Yoga Towel IMISI Super Absorbent

    • Super absorbent
    • Non-slip
    • Hygienic & healthy
    • Machine Washable & Eco-Friendly
  • Yoga-Mad Grip Dot Mat Towel
    £26.00 £25.95

    Yoga-Mad Grip Dot Mat Towel

    • Made from super-absorbent high wicking yarn
    • Use it with the dots up for an anti-slip yoga mat
    • Use it with the dots down and the mat will be held in place
    • Machine washable & dryer safe

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Yoga-Mad Women's Grip Dot Towel
    £25.99 £21.44

    Yoga-Mad Women’s Grip Dot Towel

    • Size: 183cm x 6cm
    • Weight: .8kgs
    • Hi-wicking polyester yarn coated with sillicon dots
    • Machine washable and dryer safe
    • Use it with the dots up for an anti-slip yoga mat, either on its own, or on top of a class mat for hygiene
    • Use it with the dots down and the mat will be held in place on any smooth surface

    FREE UK delivery.

  • Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towels
    £30.99 £24.99

    Yogabum Collection Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towels

    • Classic Collection has 100% clear silicone dots and grey stitched edges
    • Puts a hygienic layer between you and your mat at the studio or the gym
    • Completely covers the whole length and width of a standard yoga mat (60cmx180cm)
    • Comes with a free nylon mesh carry bag making it easy to carry between classes
    • Machine washable and very fast drying time. Towel size is 62cm x 183cm

    FREE Delivery in the UK.

  • Yogamatters Get A Grip mat towel Black
    £24.00 £18.00

    Yogamatters Get A Grip Mat Towel Black

    • Size: 60cm x 183cm (full mat size product)
    • Machine washable and dryer safe
    • suitable for Bikram yoga practice
    • Made from polyester microfibre
  • Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towel
    £50.69 £43.69

    Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towel – Peacock

    • One of A Kind Patented Yoga Towel That Enhances Your Yoga Practice, Has Dots That Grip So You Don’t Slip
    • Hygienic
    • Yoga Necessity
    • Non Slip, with nubs on the back made from 100-Percent Silicone
    • Made from 8 recycled plastic bottles

Most yoga mats deficient in a sticky quality which makes it very easy to slip-n-slide once the heart starts pumping and the heat starts building. If hot yoga classes / power flow classes are tricky for you, then yoga towel is even more a necessity.These towels are Eco-friendly, durable & lightweight, easy to care for, and reasonably priced.

Yoga towels are made with a range of layers so that you can get the look of two colors in one towel.These are great for grip, cleanliness and comfort. You can expect to sweat when practicing yoga and you will require a towel handy to mop up your perspiration and provide a hygienic barrier between you and the mat. This is mainly important when you are using a public mat provided by your gym or exercise class.

A yoga towel is prepared particularly to fit on the yoga mat while you perform the poses. If you find yourself sweating freely and slipping off the mat, you can use a yoga towel to deal with this difficulty. The yoga towel is used frequently during Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga, but can be used during any practice. Yoga towels are also made to be super porous and fast drying.

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