Privacy Policy

We are devoted to provide you safety against your privacy. It is our responsibility to protect your data and to let you know about our terms before you use Accessories for Yoga.

At our site, several measures have been taken to provide all shoppers best service and better experience. By going through some precautions, we assist you in making your personal data safe. Please read privacy of this site to have better understanding of the usage of this website:

Privacy Statement

In order to protect your privacy we take best actions. Great care is taken while storing personal details of each customer’s behavior and choice.

Changes in Products

All products and offers are subject to change at an interval, so kindly; get updated at the dealer’s site. Since, we are a mediator site and it is not possible to change all products and offers at daily basis.

Usage of Content

All content used by this website are covered under copyright act, so, misuse of it will deemed as an offence. Therefore, it is not allowed to copy and distribute the content to other sites and for personal use.

Terms of Products

All products are covered under terms and policies, so please read the description, information and terms of the desired products at the main site, this will surely save you from trouble.

Price of products

As we said above, that we are a mediator site, so it is not in our control to make the price constant. For better updated deals and cheap price products, please avail the deal as per your earliest.

By using Accessories for Yoga, users are supposed to agree on our all points as mentioned above.

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